Make:PGH Meeting 4

Whoa! Is it our fourth meeting already? Awesome! Here’s whats in store:

Soy Sos: Das pretty blinkenlites und buzzenzounds

Herman Pearl (AKA Soy Sos) lives to create immersive audio that spans multiple genre and aids in the expansion of world sound appreciation. His production aesthetic can best be described as lush, often dubbed out and organically electronic. He will be demonstrating his modular analog music synthesizer, which is built into a suitcase!

Matt Mets: Laser Harp

Engineer, Make: Online blogger, and aspiring inventor Matt Mets will share the secrets of his laser harp project, a MIDI-based instrument that you can play by waving your hands through the air. From designing and fabricating the thing in his apartment, to how it almost led to him running off with the freak show, he’ll explain everything, and then get out of the way so you can give it a try!

Activity: Record bowls

Following our fine presenters, we’ll try our hands at making bowls out of old records. We’ll have discs on hand, but if you have a favorite that you don’t listen to any more, bring it with you!

Wait, what is this group?

So what is this Make:PGH thing all about, you ask?  Well, we’re a DIY enthusiast group that plans to meet monthly to discuss anything from knitting to 3d printing to designing homebrew space vehicles.  Inspired by MAKE Magazine and enabled by cool open-source technology such as the Arduino,we are part of a rising number of city groups such as Make: Philly and Make: NYC. For now, we are planning to meet at Hack Pittsburgh, your friendly local hackerspace.  We’re just starting up as a group, so if you are interested in getting involved then please let us know!

The meetings are open to people of all ages, however those under 18 need to bring a parent or legal guardian.

Event Details:

Make:PGH Meeting 4
Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 7pm – 9pm
Hack Pittsburgh
1936 5th Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Cost: Freeeeeeeeee

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