Make:PGH Meeting 2

Hello everyone!  We’re excited to announce the second meeting of Make: PGH, Pittsburgh’s finest group dedicated to all things DIY!  We’ve got some exciting speakers and activities lined up for this event, so join us on Tuesday, April 13th, and get your Make on!  RSVP is requested, but not required.  Here’s what we have scheduled:

Dave Findlay: iPod ‘Easy Button’

Dave Findlay is a cake-loving software developer. He hails from Aberdeen, Scotland, and resides in Western Pennsylvania with his wonderful wife and two great kids. He only occasionally refers to himself in the third person.

Dave will be talking about the iPod remote control that he developed using an Arduino microcontroller, which has evolved from an ‘easy button’ into a fully-featured system for controlling your music player!

Eric Singer: LEMUR

Eric Singer is a musician, artist, engineer and programmer and the Director of LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Robots (a group that creates robotic musical instruments). He has over 20 years of arts and multimedia programming, engineering and performance experience. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon; a Diploma in Music Synthesis (Magna Cum Laude) from Berklee College of Music; and an MS in Computer Science from New York University. He has performed and lectured throughout the world with electronic musical instruments, as well as touring and recording with many bands on tenor, alto, and baritone saxes. He is also a founding member of the Brooklyn-based arts combine The Madagascar Institute, and he has contributed to many of the group’s spectacular projects in addition to reaching the semi-finals with the MI-originating team “The Brooklyn Benders” on The Learning Channel’s ‘Junkyard Wars’ television show.

Eric will be talking about his past, present and future projects and give us the inside scoop on what it takes to build unusual performance-ready instruments.

Special Activity: Light Graffiti

Like drawing, dancing, and shiny things?  Well, you are in luck, because after the presentations, we will break out the LEDs and try our hands at creating some light graffiti.

We have enough parts for everyone to build their own LED Throwie to use in the activity, but if you have any cool glowing things that you would like to try out, then please bring them!  Also, if you have a camera and tripod that can be set for manual exposure, bring those too.  We suggest glow sticks, road flares, pointer lasers, and lighters (ok, skip the road flares, we don’t want to burn the place down).

About Make: PGH

So what is this Make:PGH thing all about, you ask?  Well, we’re a DIY enthusiast group that meets monthly to discuss everything from knitting to 3d printing to designing homebrew space vehicles.  Inspired by MAKE Magazine and enabled by cool open-source technology such as the Arduino,we are part of a rising number of city groups such as Make: Philly and Make: NYC. For now, we are planning to meet at Hack Pittsburgh, your friendly local hackerspace.

The meetings are open to people of all ages, however those under 18 need to bring a parent or legal guardian.  See you Tuesday!

Event Details:

Make:PGH Meeting 2
Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 7pm – 9pm
1936 5th Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Cost: Freeeeeeeee

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