Make:PGH Meeting 1 (take 2)

Action! Excitement! Danger!

We’re excited to announce the inaugural meeting of Make:PGH, the Steel City Makers!  Interested in making stuff?  Like the stuff that you see in MAKE magazine?  Got cool projects to show off, or grand ideas that are soon to be realized?  Want to hang out with other like-minded people?  Then you should definitely come out to the meeting on Tuesday, March 9th, at 7pm!

We’ve got some good things lined up: presentations on  the Makerbot, Fighting Domo with the ioBridge, and an awesome activity, so be sure come out!

Marty McGuire: Makerbot

Marty McGuire is a research programmer at Carnegie Mellon and a council member for HackPittsburgh.  He hopes one day to make “mad bank” thanks to open source hardware and the desktop fabbing revolution.

Marty will talk briefly about the MakerBot open source 3D printer, where it came from, and how it works.  He’ll also give a short printing demo, and answer your questions!

Andy Leer: Fighting Domo

Andy Leer will share with us his experiences using the ioBridge to create fun interactive web enabled dioramas. Find out how with a few minutes and some simple hardware you too can put almost anything on the web.

Mystery Activity

Following the two fine presentations will be an activity of great interest and possible import!

Wait, what is this group?

So what is this Make:PGH thing all about, you ask?  Well, we’re a DIY enthusiast group that plans to meet monthly to discuss anything from knitting to 3d printing to designing homebrew space vehicles.  Inspired by MAKE Magazine and enabled by cool open-source technology such as the Arduino,we are part of a rising number of city groups such as Make: Philly and Make: NYC. For now, we are planning to meet at Hack Pittsburgh, your friendly local hackerspace.  We’re just starting up as a group, so if you are interested in getting involved then please let us know!

The meetings are open to people of all ages, however those under 18 need to bring a parent or legal guardian.

Event Details:

Make:PGH Meeting 1(take 2)
Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 7pm – 9pm
Hack Pittsburgh
1936 5th Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Cost: Freeeeeeeee

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