Make:PGH Meeting 1: Cancelled due to snow

Though were on board for replacing the scheduled meeting with a crack session on DIY snowmobile conversions, and how to build a $5 handheld flamethrower to just melt the stuff, it has come to our attention that the snowy conditions and looming second wave of weather mean that it really isn’t a great time to be out on the road.  Because we fear for everyone’s safety (ok, because we are way too lazy to shovel off our cars or trudge 1/4 mile to the bus stop to get there ourselves), tomorrow’s scheduled MakePGH meeting is canceled.

Don’t worry, though, we are rescheduling for Tuesday, March 9th.  Our apologies to everyone who was looking forward to it, we’re just as bummed as you!  Stay excited, and see you next month!

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